Graphic Design


A journal project

The Challenge

In December 2011, along with 11 other creatives, we embarked on a 6-month project like no other. Create 12 unique themes and enjoy the stories as they unfold.

The Approach

The event kicked off with a message:

You are at the beginning of all possibilities, the genesis of inspiration and application, the unknown... until it all materializes. The next version of The Journal Project welcomes you to...

What I did

  • Artist
  • Graphic Design & Layout


The Artist(s)

The stories

Whether it had been a theme or story, we all gave our unique spin to the journals over the months. Some of the journals allowed a break from the routine and approached the next journal with a different creative outlet.


As seen below, each artist contributed to a journal over the months. In my case, I was continuing an epic adventure through a little-known Hawaiian island to find a treasure.

Closing in

During the last of the handoffs for my journal, the book was dropped in North Seattle accidentally. We presumed we would never see it again. As a result, the last contributor re-created what we know we had documented with photographs.

Fortunately, with our contributions to the original journal, our signatures on the pages allowed the neighborhood to track us down.


The Designer

The next chapter

In October 2012, we had a gathering to celebrate the conclusion of the UNFOLD Journal Project.


The Book

The epilogue

In 2014, we were able to finalize the layout and content of the book. As of January 2015, we published the book online, and for those involved, we could efficiently distribute a finished product to commemorate the journey.


Tracked Down

The original journal for my project was lost, only to be found and include a story of adventure in its own right.


The book is now documented on to allow the artists to own a physical copy.

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