Product Design


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The Role

As a Product Designer for Minecraft, my role has been an incredibly fulfilling journey, filled with exciting challenges and opportunities to shape the user experience of one of the most beloved gaming platforms in the world. Working on various projects for the Minecraft website has allowed me to explore the intersection of creativity and functionality, ensuring that every pixel enhances the user's interaction with the Minecraft universe. From crafting intuitive navigation systems to conceptualizing visually appealing interfaces, I've contributed to the seamless and immersive digital landscape that Minecraft enthusiasts engage with daily.

In addition to my work on the website, my involvement in shaping and refining Minecraft's design system has been equally rewarding. Collaborating with a talented team, we've established a cohesive and scalable design language that maintains consistency across diverse elements and empowers other teams to create harmonious experiences. Being part of the evolution of the design system has allowed me to witness firsthand how thoughtful and intentional design choices can amplify the overall user experience, fostering a sense of familiarity and delight for millions of players worldwide.

What I did

  • Product Designer
  • Design Systems Specialist


The Products


My contributions to the Profile feature on the Minecraft website have been driven by a passion for elevating user engagement and personalization. Through meticulous design decisions and user-centric enhancements, I take pride in creating an immersive and user-friendly Profile experience that adds a layer of enjoyment and connection for Minecraft players.


In the realm of Marketing and e-Commerce on the Minecraft website, my contributions have been pivotal in crafting compelling narratives and user journeys. Through strategic campaigns and seamless e-commerce integration, I've played a key role in enhancing the Minecraft brand, fostering a vibrant community, and facilitating a streamlined experience for users to explore and acquire the game's diverse offerings.

Closing in

Crafting new features for Minecraft's website has been a thrilling adventure, and I'm particularly proud of two standout additions. The first is the creation of a detailed Product Display Page (PDP) tailored for purchasing Minecoin. This involved a meticulous blend of user-friendly interfaces and persuasive design elements, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable process for players looking to enhance their Minecraft experience.

Additionally, developing an interactive page for updating a Minecraft Java persona skin has been a rewarding challenge. This feature not only caters to the players' desire for personalization but also brings a dynamic and engaging element to the user journey, fostering a deeper connection with the Minecraft community. Together, these features aim to enrich the overall user experience, reflecting my dedication to enhancing accessibility and enjoyment for Minecraft enthusiasts.


The Systems

Evolving WebUI

Embarking on the journey to create a comprehensive design system for Minecraft's website and its WebUI components has been an exhilarating endeavor. My efforts have been driven by a commitment to establishing a unified visual language that not only reflects the essence of Minecraft but also streamlines the development process and elevates the overall user experience. Through meticulous attention to detail, collaborative ideation, and a focus on scalability, the design system serves as a foundational framework, empowering the entire team to consistently deliver cohesive and aesthetically pleasing interfaces. Witnessing the successful implementation of the design system across various facets of the website has been immensely gratifying, as it not only enhances efficiency but also fosters a sense of coherence that resonates with Minecraft enthusiasts worldwide.


The Site


Outstanding contributions to the Minecraft website by our team throughout 2023 have been truly commendable, elevating the platform with creativity and dedication. Our innovative approach and consistent efforts have significantly enriched the Minecraft community, making it a more vibrant and engaging space for enthusiasts worldwide.


A-B Testing

With some of the experiences within dot-net, we approached them with two or more directions in mind.


Throughout 2023, my efforts helped improve the purchase flows for many areas of the web site.

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